Serving up some bearded clam!

Added: January 07, 2012 l Length: 00:23:56

In today's Hairy Twatter episode, Dillon, one of Hairy's cousins, is waiting for Victoria Rush to show up at his flat. He heard through the grapevine that she had a really hairy pussy, but according to Dillon he believes none of what he hears, and only half of what he sees, especially with chicks. He doesn't believe them any further then he could throw them with two broken arms! But surprise surprise, she flips her little beak over to him and that pie is like a chia pet, fully grown! She's got the full cow lick and curly Q going and he loves it! Bearded clam at it's finest! Victoria's body is smoking on top of all that bush as well, with beautiful globes, a super fit body and ready to have that little hairy monster of her's slain! Dillon get's down and munches out on her twat like a guy that hasn't had a healthy meal in sometime. He feeds her his trouser snake and skull fucks her pretty face for a good while too, while she spits on and slobbers his shaft, showing him the disappearing dick trick! She get's to sittin right down on his north pole reverse cowgirl and rides like the rodeo queen she was born to be, tits a bobbin up and down at full speed! Then Victoria pops off and asks kindly " Can you fuck me in my ass?" Dillon obliges and that tight bunghole of hers gets jammed real deep and hard, just how she likes it! Dillon is in hairy pussy paradise, drilling Ms. Rush's tight holes back and forth and shoving his treasure trover deep into her caverns. Lots of ATM and even some sideways folded lawn chair with a neck lock to really bury that hatchet. Victoria really takes it like a champ and then swallows a whole mouthful of hot venom. Now that's a Hairy Twatter champ right there, I'm sure she will be welcomed back time and again!

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