Getting the Most from her furburger

Added: November 19, 2011 l Length: 00:21:06

Josette Most joins the ranks of the Hairy Twatter babes when a hot fuck session with Hairy dude Marcel opens them up in to a hot and Hairy world! Josette is quite the looker, with a beautiful shapely body, super long legs and a fur burger that just screams "EAT ME!' Watch as she gets herself prepped for Marcel's big cock and the oingo boingo pussy and ass bouncing sessions that ensues! Taking it reverse and traditional cowgirl with intermittent stops at the cocksickle slurping station, Josette really gives a stand out performance. A performance that will have peckers across the globe standing in full salute before blasting off like firecrackers in the night!Her pussy looks so darn good when it's being stuffed and she's gyrating her hips back and forth feeling everything balls deep!A really deep penetration doggy style angle is put into play which gives as an awesome view of her Josette's hairy little friend just being stuffed like Thanksgiving turkey! A cream shot on her bird wraps the party up and the two lovers go on with their day. Bravo!

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