Teeth Flossing Fanatics!

Added: September 15, 2012 l Length: 00:24:25

Did you know that their are some really nice benefits to eating hairy muffins? Well for one, they sure do taste great, but for two, you can floss your teeth while your down there giving you extra time to munch down on that rug even further! Our girls Vanessa and Kora have nailed this art to a science as you'll see in this sexy big tit, hairy muffin lesbian set! Cunnilingus never had it so good the way Vanessa and Kora do here. Just imagine how Kora feels as she fondles her juicy melons and has the fiery redhead Vanessa eating at her Y, really getting the precision clit hits in with the tip of her tongue. V decideds she wants her whisker biscuit licked down good too, so she sits on Kora's face and then they switch for some mustache ride action. The girls even toss a nice salad before swapping spit in a passionate lip lock. The contrast of their black and red hair sending signals to our balls---seeming to say "Blast those cantaloupes with everything you have!" Don't forget to floss your teeth when your done!

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