Egg not for Breakfast

Added: September 10, 2011 l Length: 00:21:22

Zuzana Z. from the Czech Republic greets us today, laying around in bed with a toy that she is eager to play with. It’s an egg attached to a tube and a little bulb, so she can pump it up. She slides aside her panties with the logo “LOVE” on the front, and slips her fingers into her hairy pussy to play with her already moistening pink. This girl is really excited for her freaky fun! Into her tushy goes the egg, although she takes it out to finger her rosebud a little too. Licking the egg, she then re-inserts it into her ass, squeezing the pump and letting the whole thing stick out like a purple tail in her erotic video. Meanwhile, her pussy sure looks like it could use a little fine licking!

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